Floral. Arrangements made in April.

Sometimes, I like to work on my arrangements just with elements I can find in the surroundings of my home. It is like playing a game to find treasures. It's quiet convenient for me because I have to spend no money. I live in the middle of a big city, and despite my neighborhood is quiet green, the plants you can find here are a mix between rests of a forgotten garden design and wild strong plants that invade the soil. At first, I always think there won't be many interesting elements. There are no planted Tulips, Narcissus or Chrysanthemums. This isn't Paris or... Heidelberg. But it's always surprising how much variety I manage to get. A day before I go to harvest I look carefully every bush and select exactly what I want. I mean, I must be careful to not be greedy. After all, I am kind of stealing from the public space. During the last weeks almost every bush and tree were in full blooming process so I couldn't let go the chance. Soon the strong winds would blow away every petal from every flower.
In fact, it wasn't easy to work with them because they are so fragile that every time I touched the stems, petals fell down like a rain. The white flowers with five petals, from the family of the Rosaceae, like the ones in almond and cherry trees are just ephemeral. The Lilacs and the Dandelions are stronger but whiter quiet fast, even if you run to put them in vases with water. I experienced then that the wild roses, which are also from the family of the Rosaceae, were fragile but also durable inside the arrangement. So, while the bloomed flowers in the stem would fall apart rapidly, the next ones would open on the next day. Fresh and new. 
I had to work fast and maybe the final appearance is not so impressive because I didn't have "protagonist" flowers. But I enjoy that. I like tiny and subtle flowers. I like the bush kind of appearance. Like the third arrangement: is seems to be just a mass of green but when you are next to it and look at it closer you see all the details. But I may confess that my favorite result is the second one. It has a balance between subtle and ornamented.
I show you the arrangements in the order I realized them.




Personal. Bits and pieces of Fauna

Oh, Fauna! You grow up so fast... I have no time to adapt. I am not even able to reflect on our relationship from a distance point of view. It is all about the moment. It is all about being together: playing, eating, dancing, sleeping... There is no trace of a baby in you! You understand the world thats surround you very well. You are very interested in interacting with other humans, specially children. You are hungry for information. You want to talk. And the day I took this pictures, you chose this blue dress from my wardrobe. 
You developed many ways to express your love to us. Ways to ask for comfort in our arms. Is so sweet, such a climax, to received your love that I can't really express how I feel. The only thing I know is that there is a new emotion. So intense that it frighten me. Some kind of communion between your childhood and mine. I hold you and we dance. And I feel you and then I'm seeing the child I was. Suddenly she is so alive and clear. And I then I cry because is a strong emotion. I know that all of this is just the love I feel for you. Becoming stronger day by day. And the love I feel for me, next to you. The love I feel for the child I was. The love I feel for the best version of my self that I can be. 

Beauty is in almost everything around us. This is a blog about beauty from my point of view.