Mallorca. Portraits: family and friends.

Get ready. Mallorca posts are coming. There are going to be a few more... I made plenty of photos. I hope you don't get bored of them.
In these pictures you can see: my mother, my sister Monica, her friend (and almost family) Violeta, my brother Felix, my brother Fernando and his girlfriend Blanca. Manfred, Fauna and me, of course. You will see all of us in the next posts too. Today I focus in what seem to me the portrait kind of pictures.
There was someone else in this trip, the boyfriend of my sister, but he don't like to appear on the internet. I say it because he is a really important part of the family and I don't want to let him out of the adventure.
Enjoy our faces.

WORN 73. Silky blue

It's long time ago that I made the last worn in here, my blog. Almost four months, to be concrete. Becoming a mother is such a full new experience that doesn't leave space for so much else. To dress up becomes a practical task. You suddenly have no time to build up outfits. It is complicated to make clothing choices. There is the fact that I have gained weight, most of my clothes don't fit me well. There is the another fact: the clothes have to let me bring my breast out easily, pragmatically, plenty of times a day. I discovered then that my tops are not good for that task. I struggled a bit in the beginning. I didn't feel inspired, neither motivated, to dress up. 
Nevertheless the other day I felt the need, the urge, to dress up. To be sophisticated. To use a bit of make up. Here you see the result: silk trousers (in my new size), this lovely top I inherited from my mother (my breasts barely fit inside), this kimono-like tunic...A celebration of good quality textiles. The outfit reminded me of some asiatic vibes so I made the photos in a corner of the park that makes me feel the same atmosphere.  
It felt good to be elegant. Even if is just some kind of luxury, not for every day. 

By the way, we are leaving tomorrow for a three weeks trip. To enjoy a really needed holidays. To enjoy a really needed time next to the sea. I didn't see the sea for a really long time and I miss it intensely. 
Maybe I will make posts from there but I don't promise anything. Manfred, Fauna and me will be with the totality of my siblings and my mother. It will be a full time of joy for me. 

PD: We went to the doctor and he conclude that Fauna is growing correctly. Despite she is slim and gains weight slowly, she has good reflects and energy enough (especially to cry loud).

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