.WORN N°7.

Sometimes buying stuff makes you really happy. But only sometimes, when the things that you buy are special for you.
I bought this beautiful alpargatas (for the fashionable people: espadrilles) the same day that I bought flowers. When I came back home I was so happy with the beauty of my stuff that I had to take photos of it.


  1. me encantan tus zapas!! si es que sí, que sí, que hay que darle color a la vida. Besoabrazos coloridos linda!

  2. AnonymousJune 28, 2013

    Qué estilazo. J'adore.

    1. Gracias de verdad! misterioso Amigohermano (o misteriosa Amigahermana ;)
      vuelve cuando quieras jeje


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