.ABOUT. Illustrative Berlin 2013

Last wednesday I visited Johanssen Gallery because this year they are hosting the 6th edition of Illustrative festival. This gallery is in a really beautiful building with view to the river and three floors of art. Here I show you what I liked most, but there was much more to see. I hope you like my selection and if you like some artist especially you have to investigate more about them. 

Oskar Rink. 

Daniel Horowitz. 365: Drawing of the day.

Victor Castillo.
Futuro esplendor.

Modern love.

Sam Kalda.
Edward Gorey. Jean Cocteau.

Parc la fontaine Montreal.

Pont Jacques Cartier.

Valero Doval. Playrooms.
Habitación del agua.

Cosmic dream.

José Suris IV. Humming bird studies.
Fiery topaz. Wire-crested thorn tail.

Kate Baylay.
The great Gatsby.

The great Gatsby.

Collection of russian fairy tales: Foma and Erema.

Juliana Wang.

Rats infest. Living in my skin.

Maëlle Doliveux.
Louis Arner Boyd, the girl who tamed the arctic.

Steven Tabbutt.
Crest. Wasp. Kingdom.

Jason Borders. Bones.

Jason Briggs. 
Pearl. Angel.

Fausto Bianchi. 

Gabriele Brombin. The sand sea and the plateaux of mirrors.

Alek Morawski. 
Unka's paradise.


  1. Wow, it's difficult to say which one I like the most. I love your selection, it had to be difficult to choose. Thank you for this magnificient blog.

  2. Muy buena la selección. Me quedo con el primero como primero pero hay varios que me gustan mucho. Qué suerte que hayas podido asistir.
    Very good selection. The first is the first for me but there are several I like very much. It is a luck you could attend.


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