I'm a bit out of ideas lately. It is the way it is, what can I do? So thinking in what inspires me I remembered the obsession about Egon Schiele that I have for some time. I still love him (even if he seems to have been a bit unbearable). His paintings are mostly about bodies and nudity, which combined with his amazing personal style make them something special filled with sexuality. He also was narcissist and arrogant. He considered himself the continuation to Gustav Klimt (who I also adore) and he often painted himself nude.
At the time when I was really into Schiele I was living with Roll. One day Roll painted some stains onto a piece of paper with some purple blossom and this forms in the paper were hanging on the wall. Everyday I looked at it I was seeing a boy's figure so in a certain moment I decided to paint it. Here he is.

Obviously, my boy figure don't have the power of Egon Schiele. I don't control the colors and the movements like him. I cannot give the same impression and expression. But I like my boy a lot, he is much more shy than Egon and he also reminds me to the actor of Perfume.
When people come out of your pencil and your imagination it feels like if they are part of your life, like the people who appear in your dreams.

Down here is the sexy and weird Egon in one of his paints: Männlicher Akt (nude male) from 1910.


  1. Fantástico, tanto el dibujo como el texto. Quizás el dibujo no tenga "tanta fuerza" como el de Egon pero tiene mucha fuerza y originalidad y no se trata de comparar.

  2. Me encataron las ilustraciones <3 no eres un artista profesional pero te acercas mucho :D


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