.WORN N°21.

 Hello, I'm in a really bad mood because today everything feels wrong and I just want to kill someone or destroy a whole city. I'm making this post with the hope of getting happier sharing this outfit. Honestly, I don't think it's going to work out but at least making the post feels like I'm doing something positive and productive.
 So, let try to forget my shitty feelings and talk about something frivolous, like for example my new boots. They are made in Morocco with pieces of original carpet from there. This means that all the boots in stock are different because none of them show the same pattern on the fabric. I fell in love with this ones concretely because of the fabric. I just love the colors and the forms, they were the most characteristic from the others and they also fit perfectly with my wardrobe spectrum. I bought them on eBay for 69€, the rest of them cost the same apart of some exceptions. They are from a Moroccan products shop in some place of Germany. I think that they just put on eBay what they couldn't sell in the shop. Anyway, I recommend you to take a look (you can use keywords like Kilim boots or Kelim boots to find them). I also recommend you to search eBay for shoes and clothes in general because you can find amazing things that you will not find in any other place, including second hand shops.
 Oh! My boots! They are handmade with real leather and wood. They are so beautiful, so comfortable and they fit so well with my garden and the spring! They make me happy, especially on shitty days like this one.
Well, well. Enough consumerism for today. Woh! unbelievable! I'm actually in a better mood than when I started to write. Thank you blogging! You fill my empty life!

Good night readers!


  1. I'm just in love with the colours, you're gorgeous ! <3

    Bisous !


    Pero mi pelo ERA precioso jajajja esas fotos son del año pasado, más o menos por estas fechas, y ahora me lo corté mucho (tuve la genial idea de ir a aclararme las puntas y quemarme la melena), me lo oscurecí y tengo flequillo pero todo con la esperanza de que para verano ya haya vuelto a crecer y vuelva a tener mi pelo surf :D
    Y sí, la verdad es que con unos paisajes así a dos pasos de casa es mucho más sencillo que todo parezca precioso y lo cierto es que es un lujo salir a la calle y estar rodeado de belleza (más o menos). Gracias :D


    Las botas son taaaaaaaaaaaan preciosas! Yo tuve unas pero como siempre que me veía apurada de pasta, las vendí... y ahora me da mucha pena no tenerlas porque eran muy guapas, no auténticas como las tuyas porque eran de pull&bear pero muy guapinas igual. Siempre me pasa lo mismo, cuando no tengo un duro empiezo a vender lo que tengo y al final me quedo con cuatro trapos, siempre los mismos, viejos y echos polvo... Un desastre jaja

  3. wow the boots are amazing!:) love the pattern! I follow you on google+ ;)


  4. that pink sweater looks great on you!

  5. Hey hey.
    Lovely pics, you look great
    With love, Bárbara


  6. Guapisima a pedar de que quisieras aniquilar una ciudad entera este dia!! Jajajaja guardando composturas!!


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