.ABOUT. Golden Girrrls Shop

 Some time ago I promised to show you Golden Girrrls but as I have no discipline -big problem as a blogger- a month has past already. So here I am talking about it:

 Golden Girrrls are four different minds, four different styles...a lot of wonderful creations. 
A group of fashion designers -Anett Hoffmann, Majvi Hoffmann, Katharina Kraft & Anet Schmieder- had been showing their unique pieces for just two months. Manfred, María and me went there to try out everything and, of course, we fell in love with some items. Now I'm the owner of that slithery purple dress that you can see below. María received for her birthday the flower patterned skirt with lace details. So we both have original and exclusive design pieces. ^.^


  1. Me muero con el blanco de plumas! Y los largos del escaparate, qué maravilla!
    Una pasada lo poquito que se ve, pintaza!

  2. These designs are exquisite, especially the cream and black dress - I'd love to see how that one moves when it is worn


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