.DRAWN. Concept Art


Aesthetic development.
More sketches for the set design. 
-Can't pay? Won't pay! By Dario Fo- 

.DRAWN. Concept Art


Aesthetic development.
First sketches for the set design. 
-Can't pay? Won't pay! By Dario Fo- 

.PERSONAL. In my neighbourhood

Yesterday we arrived at home after a 7-days trip. It was quite improvised and maybe that's why it was such a special and spontaneous journey. We love the people that we visited and also the cities where they live. We had a lot of fun, but I must honestly say that I am really happy to be at home again. So today it just feel perfect to share this pictures of my neighborhood with you. I'm so glad to live here in this little and cute city.

I never imagined that I will end up here, feeling so much at home (in fact, I didn't know it existed). This place has a quality that is very important to me: it inspires me every single day (which, by the way, it is a really important fact now that I am working in some set design for some little theatre company, here in Halle). The streets around my house remind me to the atmosphere of some disney movies like One Hundred and One Dalmatians or The Aristocats. It also inspires me for vampire or witch-stories, because it is full of mysterious corners, hidden gardens and abandoned mansions. All of this, combined with beautiful parks and a huge river that crosses the city and introduces nature into the urban area. Halle has a beautiful randomness of elements that make you feel like if the city was designed by some god instead of being just a consequence of reality and history. But, you know? I cannot describe it as magical as it is. I hope that this pictures of the surroundings helps you to get the feeling.

 The building where my apartment is.
 The place where the theatre piece will be represented.

And the beautiful river at sunset time.

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