.WORN 40. Old Men Jacket

My new favourite winter item. I bough it here in Halle, in a flue market.

This cat is coming all the time to my garden to lie under the sun. He spend so much time around my house that he is like a flatmate.

.WORN 39. Camel.

Camel leather, my boots.
My jumper, camel wool.
Sand and camels in my soul.
Camel colour is the wall.
Camel also what I smoke.

.PERSONAL. Bezahlt wird nicht! - The Premiere

1 room + 2 months + 9 people = Great result!

 Yesterday it was the first release of the theatre piece where I have been working as the assistant of Katharina Kraft. We were responsable for the stage design, the theatre props and the costumes. I just want to say that I'm really satisfied with the final result of our work -of the WHOLE team-. The piece came out with a proper global relationship between the different elements. 

 One of the things that makes me really happy is the aesthetic we manage to create. Dario Fo is an italian writer and the chosen piece is a comedy about the working class so we tried to go into a world of none-saturated colors and minimalism; except for the diva moments when the feeling had to be more shinny. There are also special effects that help to create the atmosphere that takes you inside of the show. In my humble opinion I believe that, for the adaptation of this piece, the director Volker Dirkes got inspired by Pedro Almodovar movies. At least, I have this feeling and I like it a lot. 
 Another element that proves the success is that we, the audience, laughed a lot -it is such a funny show!- which is the main mission of a comedy.

Oh! What can I say? I enjoyed so much. I just love the whole atmosphere of the theater work. When I was a child I was going to acting classes -just as a hobby- and we made a theater piece per year. At this time I already felt great between black curtains, the darkness of the stalls and the spotlights. I also love all this typical rituals like receiving flowers at the end of the show.   

 I would love to post a photo of us at the end of the piece, up on the stage, saying hello to the audience. But....Manfred and I forgot the camera at home, we always forget it in the special moments. The only few photos I have are from the final rehearsal but I should apologize because the pictures don't make justice to the real show. 

The rose of the triumph.

Volker Dirkes

Isa Hupe
Anna Moritz
Viola Rieck
Markus Falk
Thomas Kressmann
Volker Dirkes

Set designer
Katharina Kraft
and me

Sven Suppan

I'm really REALLY thankful for the opportunity they gave me to be part of this. 

.PERSONAL. All Hallows' Eve!

 Some days ago it was my birthday, but it comes to happen that my birthday is always... ordinary. That's why I decided that I will truly celebrate it in Halloween. All my childhood I was (and I am still) obsessed with becoming a witch. October is my favourite month of the year so I had to do something to end up this time in a special way! 
 When I brought Halloween into conversation the people said to me: Oh! But this party is not popular in Halle... I didn't let them bring down my enthusiasm, I thought: if Halloween is not popular in Halle, I will make it popular! I truly believe that children need rituals, celebrations and special days to remember when they become older (I don't need to be mother to know that). And the funny thing is that the streets where kind of full with little candy hunters. I had a lot of visitors in my horrific and dark garden!

 I made a pumpkin and Manfred made it shine like evil. We also made a fire in the garden and I indicated the way to the sweets with a path of candles. I dressed like a witch and Manfred dressed like... Manfred (I try to convince him to be the monster of Frankenstein, but I wasn't successful). Some little monsters were our guests and we danced and made noise around the fire to make the spirits of winter really afraid of us (and it's funny that today is a extremely sunny and warm day to be first of November, so maybe we managed to actually make the winter spirits really afraid). 
 We had a lot of fun! If there is people who don't understand this kind of magic, I'm sad for them. For me, finding reasons to make magic is what gives meaning to life. Otherwise I would be lost in the grey and meaningless humanity, and I would die of sadness.

To finish the night in a proper way, Manfred and I saw the original Frankenstein movie from 1931. I can say it is one of the most cruel and terrific movies in the whole history of films. It is a fucking great movie.

Oh! And today I will make the REAL Witches' Sabbath with my girlfriends. 
Real magic... uhhh!!

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