.ATMOSPHERE. Christmas, the time to go back home.

 Every year, since I'm a little child, before Christmas there is a ritual in my home. We meet to make the Christmas decoration. We first walk around the neighborhood to collect branches from the trees which will be part of materials to build up the ornaments. We are really creative and we build new pieces every year. This year I was the most motivated to realize the Christmas decoration (I guess because I missed the last two Christmas at home) so most of the pieces are my creations. Anyway, everybody has made its own part. I am really glad for that, it is like being child once again. 
 I apologize because I know I should have done this post quite some days ago, but you know when you go back home with mummy you forget about every thing else.
 I hope you like the Christmas atmosphere that I share with you today. This is all that matters in my whole life. Now I realize that I am a little girl and I will always be....believing in magic.

Merry Christmas ever after and Happy New Year!!

This last two photos show a extremely conceptual nativity scene made by my mother. Every year she gets more abstract in her representation... I love her special mind.


  1. ohhh wooow! This is really cute <333

  2. Me encanta cuando la sesión no está iniciada, pulso "publicar", me redirecciona a iniciar sesión y a la vuelta ya no está lo que había escrito. ¡Qué rabia!

    En realidad sólo venía a decir que me gustan mucho esos muñequinos, que son muy tiernos :D y que espero que tuvieras unas navidades muy agradables


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