.ATMOSPHERE. Coffee&Cake

...or when coffee shops are so cosy and cute that you want to live inside.

 In Madrid it is difficult to find a beautiful and stylish coffee shop that doesn't charge you more than three euros for a coffee-latte or more than five for a piece of well-done cake. It feels in a culture like mine that beauty only belongs to rich citizens. The option that is left for humble pockets is ugly bars where the tv is always on showing football debates, the floor is full of peanut rests and the coffee tastes like burnt carbon.
 When I moved to Germany it was a relief to discover that good taste is for everybody who can appreciate it, for all kind of wallets. In a city like Berlin — or Leipzig, or my beautiful Halle — cute coffee shops are a symbol of cosmopolitanism. It is a hipster phenomenon: students study, young business people work, mothers hang around with their babies... and all of them belong to a certain new wave that claims for a new lifestyle: creative and proactive, healthy and ecological, easy but efficient.
 Today I show you some pictures I made in Café Kater when Manfred and I went to some work appointment with an opera house. It's in the west of Leipzig and it is relatively new. They serve delicious daily soups and quiches and the atmosphere is really welcoming. I love the way the deep greenish blue from the walls combines with the bright mustard yellow from the bar stools. I also enjoy the golden engravings that are part of the decoration. 

Beauty is in almost everything around us. This is a blog about beauty from my point of view.