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 I always loved the idea of being a diva, which in my opinion is not the same than being a pop queen. The diva is closer to the idea of a muse. She is supposed to be something divine. I always wanted to be a muse and in some subtile way I may be one already. However, what I like about the divas is the whole atmosphere that is created on stage to enhance the presence of the star.
 Some day of the last winter Fabia and me were a bit bored so we end up seeing a lot of Lana del Rey music videos. Lana del Rey has recreated the old profile of a diva. She is the worldwide diva of our times -not comparable with the pop star style like Madonna or Beyonc√©-. 
 Seeing videos on youtube can be entertaining but doesn't add anything to your life so we decided to do something creative. On one hand, we were inspired by Lana and her way to present herself, especially in the video of "Young and beautiful". On the other hand, we are kind of narcissist girls who enjoy being on the stage. I believe that every girl who enjoy performing on the stage has the desire of being a Diva illuminated by a single strong light so I said to Fabia: lets make a diva video. And we made it.
 It isn't the best video you will see, we are just amateurs; but I asure you we worked on it and we will continue developing our skills as atmosphere creators and movie makers. Here you have it, I hope you enjoy it. Let cross fingers for the copyright matters.....

This is an homage to Lana del Rey and her diva soul.

Here, the original video which was the source of our inspiration.

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