.ABOUT. The Schloß Freudenberg Experience

Schloß Freudenberg is a mansion with a huge garden-forest that offers you the possibility to explore your senses. It is like a museum of sensations.
When Manfred and I were in Wiesbaden some weeks ago, we went to spend the day there and we had so much fun and happiness inside of this magical and natural little world. 
I think that to visit this place is the perfect therapy when you are stressed. It brings the inner peace back to you. 
Pictures are not often like the actual sensations but I leave you a bunch of it.

.WORN 52. Kilim effortless

 We went to spend the afternoon in a lake and that's what I wore: the first thing I found that is easy to remove.

.WORN 51. Forget fear...

....and breathe the spring. BREATHE! BREATHE! BREATHE!!!!

Beautiful apartment from my dear friend Michael in Wiesbaden. It is always a pleasure to come here. Thank you for the enjoyment.

INSPIRATION Jan Švankmajer...

...the soul shaker, the movie maker.
 In the last days I have been (and I will be) discovering an amazing artist: Jan Švankmajer. Amazing... is not enough word to describe him. Actually, there is no way I can describe him, so the best thing you can do is just watch what I show you; and for further interest click the link on his name. He calls himself a surrealist, but while watching his creations I got the feeling that he sends a lot of messages to the viewer: clear and defined critics to society. If there is surrealism, it takes place in the form but not in the message. Anyhow, the message is neither easy to understand, and that's what grabs me into him: he makes me think and he makes me feel intensely, really intensely. I hope you enjoy this piece of craziness as much as I do. The movie was made in 1971.

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