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Banana Wine. Mo kolours. 

Egyptian Love Dance. Le Crazy Horse Saloon. 

Samia Gamal. Legendary belly dancer and actress. 

.THOUGHT. The matter is what matters

I am sex, frustration and love.
I am flowers, shadows and smoke.
I am flesh, hair and blood.
Moles, pickles and holes.
Eyes, hands, vagina and nose.

I'm the things I've accumulated and the things that I've wasted.
I'm hairs in the bathroom and crushed mosquitoes on the wall.
I'm the feces I expel and the orgasms I have given.
I'm ashes in the ashtray, dirty panties and broken glass.
I'm images on the internet, a lot of papers, a lot of words.
I'm the memory of others. I'm a ghost.

I am nothing, just broken thoughts.
I'm only flesh that will slowly rot.

You must know that you are this too...
So I advise you:
Enjoy your matter while it still can carry your soul.

Beauty is in almost everything around us. This is a blog about beauty from my point of view.