.PERSONAL. Once I met you...

...today, three years ago. 
It feels like yesterday, it feels like forty years already. 
It feels like home. It feels adventurous. 
I believe it's fucking real love, the authentic kind.
You are my partner and we cross our existence together.
Breathing, touching, feeling.
Realising reality.

In all the ways that are possible:


.WORN 60.

The light, the shadow. The space, the time.

.THOUGHT. Humans from planet Earth.

My first cutout. Enjoy it.

I made this cutout to emphasise the deep connection in relationships between humans that seems to have pretty different personalities and points of view, and therefore, unexpected and socially unaccepted.

For those who are farther interested, the documentary is called: 

No Ordinary Genius. 

Beauty is in almost everything around us. This is a blog about beauty from my point of view.