.PERSONAL. Little China in Frankfurt.

At the end of the last August, Manfred and I had to spend some time in Frankfurt. Manfred was working a lot but we could combine it with nice walks through the city. Manfred has told me often that when he was a student in Frankfurt he discovered this little Chinese park which became his favourite spot to spend hours reading or relaxing. He was exited to share this space with me.
When we entered the park I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere. And I'm not the only one, of course. Lots of people go to the park to hang around or eat lunch. Every detail makes you think of China, even the rubbish cans are particular. I got a bit obsessed with making photos around and we behaved like tourists -something that I always try to avoid, but in this case it was funny. The combination of the fluffy plants with the dark red of the robust building, the sound of a little water fall, the birds playing around... it all was so peaceful. This place is a big contrast to the urban activity of a big business city like Frankfurt; I understand perfectly why Manfred came here so often. 

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