.PERSONAL. Identity Reminder

Lately I'm feeling like I am loosing my self and forgetting who I am. Or said in another way: feeling empty. I watch my last posts and I feel these pictures don't represent who I am. I don't even write much anymore! I wonder what is happening to me. I was so concern to communicate my thoughts and now....nothing comes out of me. So I see this last two outfits that I made photos from and I don't see my authentic personality in them. I mean, I like to dress up with special items I collected along my life and I enjoy it but I'm not this girl everyday. I am not wearing fancy hats neither jewellery as a daily habit.
So, feeling like this, weird in my body and in my behaviour I  felt like making other kind of photos. Photos which connect with me, photos that truly represent me. My boyfriend made them and he really manage to catch my body and face expression. The green, my boots, sunlight on my skin..... it all made me feel better. It all reminded me who I am. This photos are more me than any others.

A song that represent my soul below the pictures. Specially chosen version.


  1. ¡Me encanta la de la rama en las teticas! Qué foto tan preciosa, con el sol y el verde, qué maravilla Carlotica. Me encanta que te hayas perdido porque así has podido encontrarte de nuevo ;)

  2. I think the wonderful thing is that you are everything, the fancy, sophisticaded woman, and the punk, noncare one. Your power is that you find your confidence in what you really are at the present moment. And that you know that is your power is the best thing, indeed. That makes your life meaningful and that's pure freedom. You are a model for me and by the way, i wanted to say the other day que tus hijos serán muy afortunados, por todo eso y porque seas una fantástica creadora de ambientes, algo tan importante para los niños. Contigo podrán soñar despiertos.


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