.PERSONAL. My 24th birthday chronicle

 Yesterday - 27th October- was my birthday and it was a beautiful bright day. The sun was shining strongly and everything looked like made out of gold and copper. I received letters from Spain that made me cry of happiness and, perhaps, a little bit of melancholy too. I also received a couple of wonderful flower brunches that made my day so much more ornamental. Flowers make me happy... simple as that. I even got a couple of presents! Something I'm not used to anymore.
 So I basically spend the day enjoying the red and orange vibes and arranging my bouquets with my presents and more autumn stuff I found around. I have fun arranging things hahaha It is a hobby of mine. I also talked a lot on the phone with my beloved ones that are far away.

 We also made two tea parties. One took place in the garden and it was private, just for Manfred and me...well, the cat who lives in our garden was there too. 

 The second tea party was later, inside the house because it was already cold. I didn't make photos but the room was arranged again with all the autumn decoration. My dear friend Fabia came with her nice boyfriend and they surprise me with a delicious brownie cake - DELICIOUS!! - 
 The picture below shows the piece we left for dinner dessert. We almost left nothing because it was sooo difficult to stop eating it!!

 To end up a birthday properly there must be a Birthday Queen Dinner. I chose to have homemade burgers and homemade french fries. Of course, it is not only about a burger but about The Perfect Burger with everything you desire inside... Yes, I am perverted! 
 Here you can see all the delicious components of our burgers.

 It was just a great day. Exactly how it is supposed to be: special and making you feel shiny and beloved. That's how I felt: beloved, overall. This is the important thing and I am forever grateful to my boyfriend, my friends, my family.... and to life for being so beautiful.

Kisses, dear readers!

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  1. Carlota, qué precioso cumpleaños... La felicidad se ve. Eres una marvillosa creadora de ambientes. Un beso otoñado también


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