.ATMOSPHERE. Halloween

 Yesterday was All Hallows Eve - everybody knows that - so I called the coven and we made a witch's Sabbath in the garden. The sunset was amazingly colourful and the evening quite warm. The air smelled great and the ambient was electrified, you could feel it walking on the streets. While we were dancing around the fire and getting crazy by the spirit of the night, little monsters came by and asked for what they ask: candy. We were prepared and had lots of them. But first we roused them to get crazy with us and shout out to the sky - just a little bit-. It was a great evening.

 I take Halloween with a lot of passion and a bit of childlike soul. I enjoy every chance to make a day different than the others. I love celebrations. Halloween is special for me because I love to be a witch. I was so enthusiastic that I even prepared the decoration some days ahead: I carved the mandatory creepy pumpkin and I made a couple of light strings that I would use to indicate the way inside my wild garden -the entry is a bit confusing-. I made one light string with physalis alkekengi that I kind of sewed so they wouldn't fall. It is a funny handcraft to do and it makes the autumn much more beautiful. It is not my own idea but perhaps I am the first in "sewing" them. Another light string has a really cold light so I tried to make something like little ghosts with paper... but they look more like frozen flowers. It doesn't matter, they are cute anyhow and I enjoyed making them. You see? I am really passioned hahaha

 Fire and candles everywhere. Friends, music and dance. Monster kids and candy. For me this is happiness. I hope you also made something funny and special yesterday! 

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  1. Qué bien montado todo. Los fantasmillas sí que parecían fantasmas. Y el fuego es tan raro, no sé que era pero queda muy esotérico. Lo malo es que tú con esa cara de ángel no puedes parecer bruja.


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