.WORN 66. Maximun Comfort

 Total coziness is what I am looking for this last month. Out there is truly cold and is no time for fancy flesh-showing clothes. Lately I really enjoy to be cover by layers of thick sweaters and cardigans. I wear cotton tights under the trousers too.
Also, my belly is growing unavoidable -you can guess already the reason because there is just two possibilities- and I don't feel confortable in any other trousers than this old jeans from my boyfriend. So this winter is for me a time to deeply care about myself and my comfortability... and I am enjoying it so much! 
 In a few days I'm going to Spain to spend some long quality time with my family and I am excited like a child: it will be all Christmas spirit, delicious food, ornamental handcrafting and time on front of the chimney looking the fire -one of my favourite things from my mom's house-.
 I hope you all use a bit of magic time to time and create atmospheres to make life special.

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