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This last Christmas I wanted to give to my family something special and intimate. Presents with a personal meaning. It wasn't to save money because even if it was somehow my intention I later bought more presents in shops. The euphoria of this time made me enthusiastic about making presents, despite I am aware that it isn't the important matter of the Christmas time.
However, I got the idea to make music CD's for each member of my family. There were two motivations. The first was to introduce them to the music I listen often, music that reminds me of them and that I was sure they would enjoy too. The second was to have an excuse to focus on some decorative collage handcraft. I wanted to create objects that become something meaningful to care about. Object, that make them think about me whenever they look at them.
The collages that became the covers for the CD's are made with materials that I collected randomly along the time. Papers and textiles with patterns I like and I keep with the intention of transforming them into something else. Finally all this pieces of stuff got a goal in their existence and now they are part of an art work. 

By the way, if you are curious about which kind of music is content in the recorded CD's you may know that the names written on the covers are the names of the bands and musicians inside. Between them you will find a bit of seventies folk, nineties trip-hop, poetic electronic, elegant rock, guitar interpretations of J.S.Bach pieces... I completely recommend you to investigate them if you are in search for musical inspiration.

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