.WORN 69. Re-learning to dress

To be pregnant and to dress cute is not an easy task to do -whatever people like to say about pregnant women always looking beautiful. Most of the days, I just want to wear wide sport trousers and huge jumpers. The kind of outfit that makes you look bigger and rounder than you actually are.
I don't have "pregnant clothes" and I don't want to buy them either. They would be useful for such a short time that I don't feel like spending money on them. Anyway, I have been looking on the internet and I didn't find anything a little special. I looked for curiosity in the pregnant line from H&M too and it was extremely disappointing. The clothes were dark, monotonous, mediocre... Nothing for me. 
So I see myself in the need of reinventing the posibilites of my wardrobe. It's difficult, I realised that almost every piece was chosen to emphasise the waist. Few dresses are widely open around the belly and they are all summer dresses. So, that's what you see in here: me transforming a summer dress in a winter outfit.

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