.DELICIOUS. Healthy Breakfast - making the habit

Manfred and I have always been the coffee-and-cigarette breakfast kind of people. There is a pervert pleasure in this combination but I am aware it is a really bad routine. It doesn't help you to start the day with a clear brain. It doesn't give you any kind of energy or nutrition. And if you are able to be honest to yourself you realize that it doesn't makes you feel good either. It is more of a psychological need, the caffeine and the nicotine. Your mind wants it but your body doesn't. Actually, that first coffee gives you a false feeling of clearness and that first cigarette makes you dizzy again. 
We often make secret jokes about the people that live a perfectly healthy life. Somehow we don't want to identify ourselves with this lifestyle because we also have this romantic view about being fucked up. We actually are aware of the benefits of living healthily and we try to keep a balance between both ways of living. Keeping clean bodies but, time to time, poisoning them in lovely dosis. The funny thing is that, without extra intention on it, we are getting more into the healthy side of the balance. Perhaps we are feeling old. Probably we are just getting more connected to the needs of our organism. We know we should listen to it and please its request.
Some months ago Manfred quitted smoking cigarettes completely. Already before he had combined smoking cigarettes with smoking e-cigarette, to reduce smoking the first ones. Eventually he realized he enjoys more the e-cigarette (which is also more playful in terms of choosing the right device and the right aroma). I quitted smoking because I had no choice being pregnant and all. But we both stuck to starting the day with a coffee.
Anyhow, last month Manfred got a strong flu after riding the bike under the rain (such a strong flu that he had hallucinations while sleeping, he was so sweet being so helpless...) I bought plenty of ginger, lemons and honey and I kept making him drink this tea three times a day, starting at breakfast time. I did the tea for me too and I realized that I didn't miss the coffee. Drinking the tea we both felt more clear and awake. We felt stronger and cleaner. Since then I try to avoid this first morning coffee. If I do drink a coffee, I do it later in the day. I go to a coffee place in my neighborhood which is really charming and has nice music in the background. There, they make the best coffee of the district: great quality and prepared slowly and with love. I transform the coffee ritual in something special. 
At home I change the coffee-and-cigarette for the tea-and-a-bowl-of-goodness. The tea is, as I already described, a mix of fresh ginger, lemon and honey. Sometimes, if I had it at home, I add fresh mint. The bowl contains yogurt, puffed oats, walnut, apple, banana, a bit of honey and some kind of berry (sometimes strawberries, sometime raspberries, sometime blueberries). When I am feeling enthusiastic I buy the ingredients in the BIO supermarket but to be honest it only makes a different with the yogurt, lemon and honey.
Sometimes, at the weekend, I do scramble eggs too. I love them, I love eggs (the eggs are also specially tasty when they are BIO). Below, pictures of different breakfast times. Also, breakfast in company is always nicer.

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