.PERSONAL. The crazy story of our unexpected marriage.

It was Thursday, 21.04.2016. The day before, we went to the Spanish consulate to get my Single Status Certificate that was finally ready, and which we were trying to realize for months already (it gets complicated when the Spanish Ministry take ages to send you your Birth Certificate, and sending you the wrong one more than once). It was the last paper we missed to be able to marry so we decided to go to the Standesamt (registry office) to check if all our documents were correct or if we still needed something else. We went to get an appointment for our marriage too. We wanted to marry as soon as posible since our baby is about to come. To be married before she born makes it all much easier, for bureaucratic matters. Manfred and I didn't care when we marry since our souls are already married long time ago. For us, this is a governmental process and we plan to make a personally meaningful ritual in the future. What I would call The Wedding Party. It will probably take place in Spain and we will invite our beloved ones to share our union.
However, it happened that the whole situation became really emotional. Especially since was all truly unexpected.
My great friend Maria had come to visit me and it was her last day in Berlin. Manfred and I felt a bit guilty to bring her to a boring office in her last hours of holidays. But she is endlessly lovely and understanding and said she didn't care. In the morning, when we were dressing up, I made jokes about the marriage. I said that perhaps they would marry us this very same day, as you can do in Las Vegas, and therefore I should wear a dress in any case. I kind of had a premonition. So, even if a don't take my premonitions seriously to not get disappointed, I knew it was important to be prepared.
We went there, the three of us. Manfred and I were in a office with a women who was checking our documents. She was charming and funny. She dressed all in soft pink and she had a big cupboard covered with pictures of teddy bears drinking tee, gardening, playing in the beach... She found us charming too and make all kind of nice comments about my pregnancy and about how cute we were. When she looked the calendar for the next posible marriage appointment it was on the 8th of May. 
"Mmm. It's a bit tight, isn't it?" She said referring to my birth date. 
"Let see... perhaps tomorrow in the morning at nine o'clock?" She continued. 
"Oh! Wait, how about today?" she finally claimed. 
Manfred and I look to each other: "Really? Today? Now? Yes, of course!"
The women suddenly remembered that we needed a translator. Manfred and I were scared for a second that the whole thing wouldn't work out. The women smiled and said: "But you are understanding everything now, right?" I urgently confirmed that I was understanding everything: "Ja, ja" (big smile on my face, sweaty hands). Then she said loudly, so that the other women, the one that is actually the authority for the marriage, could listen: "Oh yes, I will test you now". And while saying this she winked at me.
So, just like that, we went on the crazy adventure of our marriage. 
We talk with the women who was the civil registration officer and who makes sure that we marry on our free will and all this stuff. I was really nervous, trying to look secure so that the officer wouldn't doubt about my german language understanding. She seemed to accept my confirmation face and went to prepare the final document.
A little bit later Manfred, Maria and me were entering with the officer in the room where marriages take place. The room had the decorative intention to be elegant and special. It even had a pot of flowers. Despite we were doing the whole thing in the faster version and without the typical traditions (no rings interchange, no music, no guests) the officer tried to make it romantic. She read a nice poem and made photos of all of us. Manfred cried of happiness. Maria too. I was too nervous and surprised to cry, but a couple of tears fell down when the poem was read by the officer. It was all so beautifully crazy, so out-of-the-norm. I realized in this moment that this is how our life is and how it always work perfect for us. We are often out of the norm. It is our style.
I feel blessed by the casualty of life. I'm fortunate to celebrate my love with no extra expectation: it makes this day more perfect than if we would have planed it. I was extremely lucky to have Maria next to me in this important moment of my life, being part of all of this because Reality wanted it like that. I said it already but I may repeat it: We are truly the lucky ones. 
After the marriage the three of us went to eat something. We wanted to celebrate despite Maria was already having not much time before her fly back to Madrid. She took a taxi to the airport to have a little bit more time to eat with us. It was a beautiful afternoon. The sun shined and life was better than ever.

Side note: Dear Spanish and German family and friends, do not worry. We promise you we will make a huge great party to give you the opportunity to celebrate our love with us. Just be patient, please, so that we are able to make it as we really desire it to be.


  1. ¡Enhorabuena Miniña!
    Te ha quedado precioso el vestido de novia.

  2. Ahhhhhhh - amazing! You amazing, beautiful, lovely people. This is such an uplifting story of your marriage day and your love and deep connection is luminous and radiant in you both. May you share many wonderful years.


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