.WORN 71. Blooming

Spring is shyly arriving to the city. The sky remains grey but the spirit of the people is totally into the new season. Trees are beautifully blooming as my womb bloom too. I am in the end of the 37th week of my pregnancy and this belly of mine grows every single day. I feel how my little girl is getting uncomfortable as she has each day less space to swim inside. She is very active, pushing her feet and hands to the outside, like if she was trying to make place around her. I was lucky to not store liquid in my legs.... until now. My ankles are getting thicker and it's a truly uncomfortable sensation. I'm glad that it didn't happen before. I feel sorry for those who have this condition since the fifth month, or earlier.
My childhood friend Maria has come to Berlin to visit me/us and we are just chilling around. It's our best way to be together, just being. And also, she makes great portraits of me, don't you think? I guess that is because she brings out the best of me. I am feeling happy, really happy.

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