PERSONAL. Family came along to see you, Fauna.

A couple of weeks ago we received visitors. (Little) part of our family came to Berlin to meet you, Fauna. Your grandfather was so excited to know you that he came only one day because he didn't have time for more. Still, he made the effort to travel from far away just for you. He held you in his big arms the whole day and you seemed to love it. You didn't complain one single time.
Your dad had to work but he did it really efficiently to have time to be with all of us.
Your wonderful aunt Monica came for few days together with her boyfriend. Well, we will call him your uncle since they are together for almost a decade. She covered you with love as she is the best in doing that. We had fun all together walking through our neighborhood. It was a very sweet time.

Ah! I wish this would happen often. Like once a month or so. 

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  1. Im glad of being your sister and I love you too much. I agree with every word written in this post.


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