Worn 74. My 25th birthday and thoughts about it.

Today I reach a quarter of a century. Hopefully I will reach two more, maybe even three. It's strange how I feel: young, full of energy and visions, yet quite old. I feel calm as if I would have lived much longer. I'm not in a hurry to live life. I like to think that I still have plenty of things to go through. God and bad. Even things that are typically lived in the early youth. I won't press them to happen. I am patiently awaiting. Ready for the years that are to come. Totally satisfied with what have lived until now.
I have learned that I enjoy life the most when I give time to things. When I live slowly, taking whatever time is necessary to understand what I experience. Time to learn. Time to taste every little bite. Without pressure. Perhaps not everybody can do it that way. I guess is a luxury to have the possibility to live like this, so open. I feel fortunate about it.

Some people have told me that I am an old soul. Others, that I have an atemporal kind of beauty. Both seem great compliments to me. They represent my way of thinking: the extremes which coexist in one place, in harmony. The female inside the male, the male inside the female. The young inside the old, the old inside the young. The beauty inside the ugliness, the ugliness inside the beauty... Not the black nor the white, but the infinite shades in between.

Have a nice day. I will too.

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  1. Happy, happy birthday- from one 'old soul' ( I too am described by some friends thus) to another. May your next year be full with the time to be and to savour and to taste each moment.


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