HALLOWEEN. Backyard fire little party.

I like to celebrate "All Hallows Eve". I always did because in my childhood I was obsessed with being a witch. People often reject this party arguing that is a North American tradition and it doesn't belong to us. But this is totally wrong. The tradition is European indeed. Concretely, Celtic. It's called Samhain. In Spain, especially in the north, there were plenty of traditions that took place on the evening of the 31th of October. Rituals in relation with the winter and the long nights. With witches, spirits and magic. The time and the influence of the USA film industry have blurred our own celebrations. I try my best to recover all this atmosphere wherever I am.
This year I though that it would be too complicated to celebrate Halloween since I have a little baby and I no longer own a garden. I had almost accepted that I wouldn't do anything when my friend Anne burn the fire inside of me. She offered me her backyard to do the party, with a fireplace included. Of course, I used my chance. My dear friend Fabia helped me the whole day with the organization of the event. Thanks to her it was all much easier. Otherwise, I wouldn't manage. The whole thing was a bit crazy, quite a rush. To make it all worse, it was raining. We started at three with the shopping and the decoration, and at eight in the night was all tidied up and we were coming back home. 
It was great! We got two birthdays being celebrated (mine and Dimitria's, a lovely future mother). We got warm food and drinks. We got music thanks to my friend Maria. We got a fireplace and a fire juggling show thanks to Dieter. We got little witches and skeletons on a sugar high. We got crying babies and sleeping babies. I even went to the street to get any child into the party and I managed a couple of improvised guests. I guess everybody thought I am crazy and not trustable. Hahaha. I didn't make many pictures, and the few I made aren't good. But... I was just enjoying the moment, too nervous and excited to think with clarity.
To end the evening in the perfect way, Manfred and me watched "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", made in 1939. I know it may not sound like a typical movie for Halloween. But I asure you is a good choice. While watching you don't stop suffering. It is so cruel and intense.

I hope you all celebrated somehow. And had fun. Good night.


  1. Ya sabes que yo soy muy fan tuya y los últimos posts me encantaron. Además, has creado una familia preciosa, pura belleza, y me resulta muy agradable ver y leer lo que compartes con nosotros a través del blog y de Instagram. Gracias, gracias, gracias.

  2. Quedó muy bonita y misteriosa la fiesta.


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