Inspiration. November: flowers and memories.

November is a Gothic month, don't you think? October is really colorful and still warm. December brings already the promise of a shiny and cozy Christmas time. But November is there in between. Just Dark. In November the days are short all of a sudden. The fall, the real fall, happens then. In a couple of windy days all the trees that were golden become totally nude. 
Surprisingly, this month inspired me a lot aesthetically speaking. My mind is full of images dominated by sharp forms and non saturated colors. It also makes me think in plants: bramble, adormiderathistle, belladonna... It reminds me too my childhood obsession with witchcraft. The books I used to look. The drawings I used to do. All the magnificent female and dark protagonist of my fantasies.

With the grey sky and the rain some forgotten memories came to me really clear. The time when, in primary school, me and a classmate painted a door of the girls toilet with glitter spray as part of a magic ritual. We were putting a spell on the hamster of another classmate. A couple of days later the hamster died... Or that time when me and my friend Maria took all of our sorcery objects and, dressing with a totally unpractical witchy clothes, we went on the fully snowed fields in a search for new and unknown lands. We crossed the second stone fence and found a cow cemetery. Then our feets were freezing and our long skirts wet, so we went back to the warmth of our mother's house to drink milk-cocoa. Or that another time, when were in our late teens. We didn't want to go to school the following day so we went to some high rocks, carrying all kind of witchery utilities to make a ritual to call the snow. The snow didn't came, but some truly shitty weather occupied the skies for one week. 

I think that November is a great time to do witchcraft. 
Since October I am trying to help a waiter from the Italian restaurant under my home to get a girlfriend, a good one. I tried it because he is a really charming guy and I truly think that this is what he needs. Well, and because he asked for it. I did my thing and then he slowly entered in the flow, meeting different girls. Finally he was into some really romantic long distant story. But....ah... She had a boyfriend. A long term relationship. Of course, she finally chose to continue what she had. 
The other day, 14th of November, I came down to make a walk and he told me the sad resolution of his romantic adventure. So I told him I will tried again, immediately (kind of joking). Then I entered the park and suddenly there she was. The Moon. Huge, bright, powerful. It felt like she was there for me to make my thing. I really didn't remember that this was the day of the big full moon. For sure, chances have to be taken. So I stopped in the centre of the circular hollow that the park has and I confronted her. I absorbed all the power that she was offering. I felt so good and strong. It was a very special moment. When I got enough I just continued my walk. Hopefully for the end of the month my friend will get what he asked for.

I made magic a lot of times in my life. I learned it somehow in the way to my womanhood. It is something that cannot be described nor explained with rules. It is abstract and invisible. But notice this: I don't take it seriously. When it works out, I am excited and happy. When it doesn't, I just laugh about myself and continue my ordinary life.

- The pictures that accompany the text of today are some flower arrangement that inhabited our living room the first weeks of the month. As I said before I was inspired by a gothic and magical direction. I liked them so much that even named them. I present you: The Undergrowth Goblin, The Volatile Nymph and The Omnipotent Witch. It's easy to guess which is which, no? -

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