Atmosphere. Just before Christmas.

Tomorrow is already Christmas Eve! 

When I was a child this was definitely the best time of the year. Cold but cozy. Dark but shiny. Full of family meetings but intimate. And overall, everything was contained inside a magical atmosphere. It was the time when my imagination flew the most. Now I am not a child anymore but I still enjoy it in the same way, with the same excitement.

This year we spend Christmas here in Germany. At the moment we are in Heidelberg to celebrate it with Manfred's family. The advent is as important and magical as Christmas. Therefore I have been every day of December enjoying my ornaments and burning out the Christmas carol playlist. Despite the party won't take place in my house I felt the need to decorate it. I needed to continue the tradition from my childhood in my own house. You already know that at my mother's home we create the ornaments every year with fresh green (You can see it here and here). Now I did it in my living room and this fulfilled my spirit. It is also a way to honor my mother and everything she did to make my childhood special. I even manage to recreate this familiar atmosphere when, on a Sunday of advent while I build up the centre pieces, a couple of friends came by my home. Christmas carols were sounding in the background, I invited them to crème brulée, they helped me with the ornamentation... It was just perfect. 

Welcome to the Christmas atmosphere of my home.

I worked hard and long to make all this centerpieces. One week, to be concrete. Well, I am a perfectionist in certain areas of my life... hahaha. I am so proud of the results that I name them. They seem to me like little worlds, little landscapes were my childish imagination can travel away.


Silent Forest



The Guest By Jara López

The Tree

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