Personal. Fauna, 7 months.

Fauna is already seven months old. Despite this "motherhood period" is being the most intense of my life (every second is real, connected to the moment, filled with impressions) it feels like time is flying away pretty fast.
Since Fauna is here I had in my mind to describe her development every month. In the end I didn't manage for the last three months. Sometimes I didn't make photos in the right moment, other times I didn't find the quietness to sit down and write. This are the kinds of posts that cannot be delayed. 
However, this last two months she has grown so much! Her physical appearance is quite the same (a couple of centimetres longer, a couple of kilos heavier) but her motor skills, and especially her mind and personality have went high in a dizzy curve.

She is charming and everybody falls in her enchanted web. It is due to her easy smile. Except the doctor, everybody seems sympathetic to her. It is surprising even for me, the way she is just happy all the time. Even when she is tired, in a noisy and strange environment, she still smiles at people. However, if we stretch her patience to much she knows how to declare her needs. She would shout loud until we please her desire of a quiet place. 
She likes to talk (da da da di ta di ta da) mostly when she is alone, in some kind of trance. But she is not a talking child, she communicates more often with face expressions and body movements.
She is fascinated by any source of light and gets hypnotized if the light moves or changes. When she is really relaxed she lies peacefully and observes her own hand, turning it and moving her fingers. She loves to play with any object, preferring always the dangerous ones. Plastic and paper bags are her favourite. 
She has long moments for herself while playing. Even longer if I or papa sits next to her. She likes to bites everything as if she would be hunting .She does it with our noses too. Like dogs do, she bites and shakes the head powerfully. May be the name we gave her...
She likes as well to move her arm up and down, hitting anything around. Her force is quite rude. 
She is totally aware of her surroundings and it is difficult to hide something from her (like the bottle). Her motor abilities are really good. If you carry her in your arms and move around the room she would catch rapidly anything that is in her reach. For example, the other day she caught and moved a chair several centimetres while our friend Mila was carrying her around in a coffee place. She is able to sit but if she gets distracted she falls to the side. 
She is completely in love with papa (because, well, he is quite funny and entertaining) but if she is tired, confused or afraid, she searches for me and extents the arms in my direction requesting my company. Also, if she wakes up from a nap and we aren't at home, she cannot handle to not see me around. She only would get relaxed when I take her in my arms. 
She sleeps with us, she always did. So we decided to disassemble her bed... it takes to much space from the room to be unused. During the day she falls sleep easily in the baby buggy or the baby carrier but at night she only falls sleep if she sucks from my breast. My whole body is crying around for the bad positions I am sleeping. Eventually she let me detached from her and I can get a better position. The problem is that I often fall sleep before... She is the new queen of our bed and sex has to be made really quietly or somewhere else. But all and all she is a good sleeper and she sleeps trough the night with not much interruption. 
She eats a lot and is really open and curious about different tastes. She prefers the fruits over the vegetables because they taste sweet. But she eats anything if you insist a bit. I mostly do her food myself but sometimes, when I am in a rush, I go to the bio supermarket and get some jars. 
She loves to have a shower and to play with the water, trying to catch the stream. One of us showers with her so it is our main naked "skin to skin" time of the day. We don't know if she would already enjoy to bath. We didn't tried again since the first month because... well... is more effort to prepare.

Two days ago she got vaccinated. You can see in the pictures that she is tired but still wants to play. I enjoy so much discovering the features of her character. She is totally an individual, different to me. And I am/we are so proud of her.

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  1. Te juro que cada vez que leo un post sobre Fauna me emociono hasta las lagrimas. Sois preciosas!


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