Inspiration. Bring the Autumn in.

 The Autumn has started already and came with all its power. The other day I suddenly felt in the need to posses a little bit of it. I took my pruning shears and went on a walk around my neighborhood. As I live inside of a big city I was surprised of the variety of plants I could access in public spaces. I ended up being greedy. 
My initial plan was to create different individual arrangements. But that day I didn't have time anymore. So I simply put all the foliage in water to work on them on the next day. But in the morning I saw this abundance, this forest over the commode, and I liked it just like it was. 
It looked like a painting. A still life. But three-dimensional.

Atmosphere. La última reminiscencia de verano

 El cielo profundo. La arena y el viento. 
Cuerpos felices al sol.

Las paredes blancas, las sombras dramáticas, las flores exóticas. 
Recostados, con aroma de siesta y picaduras en la piel, observamos las hojas del platanero bailar. Inmersos en la ausencia del tiempo, dejamos el calor y la tarde pasar.
Nuestras mentes vagan lentas. Nuestras bocas no conversan. 

Esos recuerdos.
Estar desnudo frente al mar y de espaldas a la tierra.
Oír música lejana, fantasear vidas ajenas.
Improvisar. Sentir el verano. Dejarse llevar.

Experimentar la libre voluntad del cuerpo.

Fotografías de Rosa C.

Adventure. Mediterranean atmosphere: Sitges.

Last weekend we escaped the big city. We went to visit my lovely friend Lorena who lives together with her boyfriend Roberto in Sitges. It was a wonderful break of our routine. It was totally "The Mediterranean Experience", something I didn't really get to know until now. It was hot, slightly humid and full of naked bodies (that weekend the Gay Pride Parade took place there so you get the picture). During these three days we basically sleep, eat, went to the beach and repeat. As my friend Lorena described it in a Instagram post it was: Only pleasure!
Sitges was a little fisher village in the past so it has an old part that is very well conserved and very cozy. You can see many boats in the sea but there is no traditional fishing activity anymore. The beautiful aesthetics together with the long beaches and the fact that it is very near to Barcelona made this place very famous as a holiday paradise. Back in the seventies, when Spain started to exploit the tourism massively, it started to grow and expand. But, oppositely to most of the Spanish Mediterranean coast, Sitges keeps a intimate and quiet vibe. This place made me daydream about colonialism, pirates, mermaids and all kind of romantic clichés about the sea. My eyes where continuously pleased. It is all Prussian blue, lime white, turquoise and the beautifulest tones of ochre. Really beautiful.
Thank you Lorena and Roberto for hosting us. Thank you for the delicious food, the relaxed walks and talks, the good smoky laughs, the beauty and quietness of your home. And thank you very much for all the love.

Beauty is in almost everything around us. This is a blog about beauty from my point of view.