Childhood. Fauna, your first trip to Madrid.

Dear Fauna, two weeks ago we flew to Madrid for the first time in your life. Madrid is the place where I was born and I grew up. It is the place where your grandmother and great-grandmothers live. You were then close to become 11 months old. I wanted to bring you there before you become 1 year old. 
We spent one week in the house of your grandmother Matilde. You connected very well. She gave you the breakfast almost every morning and you played a lot together. She also bathed you and gave you the dinner every night. One day she even made you sleep at night time. You liked her house a lot and the playground that is close by. One day we went to Toledo to visit your grandfather Tolo and he also made you sleep carrying you in your Mei Tai. This fact is important to remember since sleeping is the most difficult activity for you to do without me or your father. 
The first days were hard for you because I concentrated all the big meetings then. The day we arrived you met your great-grandmother Matilde who is 92 years old. She is mother of 11, grand mother of 35, and great-grandmother of 16. She is endlessly peaceful and always in a good mood. The second day we spend it in "El Guijo", where your grandmother lives, hanging around with some old friends of mine. The third day we went to your grandfather's and my lovely friend Maria came with us. The forth day was quite intense because we went to meet your great-grandmother Maribel and many other family members came too. It was too loud, too crowded... too much. But it was very special for Maribel because you are her first great-grand child. That day you received many presents as well and I got to see cousins I didn't see for very long time. 
After this stressful time I kept it quiet and relaxed for you. On Sunday we went to "La Pedriza", a natural park I have always loved very much. We were many people too, but nature keeps you in a good mood. We hanged around next to crystalline river and made picnic. You slept a very long nap there. It was a wonderful day with live music, courtesy of my friend Jaime which is a musician I like to sing and improvise with when ever we have a chance. 
On Monday it took place a reencounter with my friends Lorena, Sara and Paula. It was cool for you because we were in the playground and it was all about you. The last two days left we were just enjoying the house of grandma and the beautiful surroundings. Your uncle Fernando was with us.
Oh! I almost forgot to say that you learned at least three things that week. You started to stand up and now you do it constantly. You opened a closed every door you found on your way. Also, you swing a lot those days at the playground and you loved it! You even put your self into movement playing with the balance of your body. 

For me was a needed trip because I missed the place and my people very much. Everything went smoothly and perfectly. Me and my mother were in harmony, and this is exactly what I needed. I cooked for her and I felt very cozy in what was my home as a child. I didn't want to leave but I collected energy until the next visit. Hopefully we will be back this summer and you will learn to swim at the pool with your amazing grandmother and, at the ocean, with your brave grandfather.

Personal. Growing older toghether.

Last Saturday Manfred had birthday. He became 51 years old. A couple of days before Fauna became 10 months old. It is amazing how we have become a family. It feels like if it has always been that way. Time passed by but the joy of our life is permanent.

Manfred is for me, apart of the love of my life, a model to follow. He has lived his life fully and always open to change and transformation. That's why his soul remains young. Yet, he is responsable and reliable. His mind is the most interesting mind I have ever get to know. His interests are wide. His senses are cultivated. His emotions are healthy. 
What makes me admire him so much is the balance he has to be mature and to be funny. He can manage big projects, meetings, boring adults stuff... And at the same time be silly as a child (Fauna loves all the ridiculous things he does). I love his freedom, they way he enjoys all kind of things. From reading books about quantum physics to have wild sex in the middle of the nature. Every day I am amazed by his holistic personality, imposible to fix into boxes or cliches. 
I met him when I was nineteen years old. We had all kind of crazy adventures together. We had orgies, made great parties, traveled with our van, knew new people... And it all felt safe, because we did it with perspective and care for ourselves. We also have done intelectual work together: brainstorming, design, speeches, portfolios... Now we are parents, and this is the biggest adventure of all. We are settles for now and reflected as never before. We agree in all points of how a good childhood should to be. How a person becomes emotionally healthy and fulfilled in life.
Along his side I have become a strong woman. I have grown and matured but my essence remains intact. He helps me to be the best version of myself. I try to do the same for him.

To celebrate his birthday we just did what we like to do the most: to enjoy with the little luxuries of our lifestyle. We went on a walk to the street market in our neighborhood and we had dinner in our favorite "tapas" bar. Simple but perfect.

Manfred, my love. To meet you was the best thing that have ever happened to me. To have a child with you, the best decision. Thank you for your light.

About. My first floral workshop.

Last Saturday was a very special day for me: I hosted my first floral workshop! 
It took place in a Spanish bookstore/library called Bartlerbly & Co where I go often to pick up lending books. 

Back in December I was there one day to give back a couple of novels when Ana, the owner of the shop, told me that she had seen my blog where I published flower arrangements I made. She said she liked them very much. Suddenly she offered me her space to give a floral workshop. She caught me completely by surprise (Thank you very much Ana for the surprising proposal). 

The great opportunities come like this: unexpected. And if there is something I know it's that catching the unexpected is often the successful path to grow up.
I accepted the offer and started to prepare everything. I designed the content of the workshop and the strategy to put together the materials for a reasonable price.
The fixed date was getting closer while I was getting more and more excited.
Manfred helped me a lot. He gave me strength and support. He also spend that full day with me, carrying stuff and looking for Fauna (and also Deacon). Thank you husband of mine. 

You know what? It was a perfect day. As soon as the workshop started I felt relaxed. I could enjoy every minute and I had a lot of fun. We all did.
We were five persons because the room couldn't hold any more but I think that it was a good amount for the first time. All the girls who came loved flowers but never tried to work with them before. They were complete novices and this was a good thing. What I wanted to achieve was to create a joyful atmosphere were they could delight themselves creating beauty. I gave them some basic and important information about the tools we were using and I offered them some visual inspiration. For the rest, I let them do. And sometimes I gave them some advise. I didn't want to bore them with to much knowledge about design and composition.
When they finished it, each got a little arrangement to take home. One of them did even two. When the class was over I did one arrangement with what was left. Would you guess which is the one I did?

Since that day, my head is spinning around. I am thinking when I will make the second one. What would be the next exercise. Which other ways I can sell my floral work. Etc.
Because there is something sure about this experience: That I want to make a living out of floral work.

Personal. Fauna, 9 months.

Winter gets me like this: uninspired, uncommunicative, unmotivated. Anyway, I will make an effort to tell you the latest things happening around here before this blog dies completely.

Fauna is 9 months old and she is growing very fast. Her first tooth is already visible and a second one is on its way (which is a source of frustration due to the pain). She knows how to crawl. She already has a enormous spectrum of feelings and expressions. She is showing us that she has a strong character, full of power. She loves shower/bath time, even more now that she knows how to splash water all over. She is a very good eater who likes everything we offer her. She enjoys to eat by herself so, at least once a day, I give her things that she can hold with her little hands (boiled carrots, banana, little pieces of chicken meat). Now that breastfeeding is not her main source of food, I enjoy it on a new level. It's a very intimate moment of love. I am more relaxed since I don't feel under the pressure of it anymore. She is more distracted, of course. She tends to release herself from the nipple. Then she looks up to me, smiles and makes sounds: da, da, daaa. Often she also does blows raspberries next to my breast. She has discovered the presence of a couple of guitars in the house and she goes to them and play the strings very often. And she does it quite good. But, for sure, her interest is on the most dangerous stuff around. Things like power plugs, cables and loaders, sharp furniture's edges... But on the other hand she can be entertained by herself considerable amounts of time. When she is quiet for too long it is better to go on spying her to she what she has found.
Manfred and I are continuously amazed by her. We have a lot of fun because well, as any parent, the things your child does are just really funny.

January was a month to be at home with friends. My friend Maria came from Madrid to make us a weekend visit and we celebrated the birthday of another friend from our neighborhood back there who lives here too. 
February is a month of work and challenge for me. This is always a good thing: to go out of my comfort zone. I am excited because I am going to host a little floral workshop. It will be in a Spanish library, here in Berlin. I am deadly nervous but looking forward and preparing everyday.
But honestly I am counting the days for winter to be over... However, it is being a nice winter. There are many bright days when the sun shines with all its power. I think the season is having mercy on us. Perhaps the worst weather is about to come. You can never know for sure...

Beauty is in almost everything around us. This is a blog about beauty from my point of view.