Personal. Bits and pieces of Fauna

Oh, Fauna! You grow up so fast... I have no time to adapt. I am not even able to reflect on our relationship from a distance point of view. It is all about the moment. It is all about being together: playing, eating, dancing, sleeping... There is no trace of a baby in you! You understand the world thats surround you very well. You are very interested in interacting with other humans, specially children. You are hungry for information. You want to talk. And the day I took this pictures, you chose this blue dress from my wardrobe. 
You developed many ways to express your love to us. Ways to ask for comfort in our arms. Is so sweet, such a climax, to received your love that I can't really express how I feel. The only thing I know is that there is a new emotion. So intense that it frighten me. Some kind of communion between your childhood and mine. I hold you and we dance. And I feel you and then I'm seeing the child I was. Suddenly she is so alive and clear. And I then I cry because is a strong emotion. I know that all of this is just the love I feel for you. Becoming stronger day by day. And the love I feel for me, next to you. The love I feel for the child I was. The love I feel for the best version of my self that I can be. 

Floral. Arrangements made in November

While in October I didn't spend money on flowers, in November I did. Perhaps I was way too indulgent to myself. However, during last month, I bought two huge bouquets which costed around twenty euros each. For the second I also added some gorgeous branches (red/orange/yellow leaves) that I took from the street, after I went to the flower shop.
I made this bouquets in hand and then fixed them with floral tape. It wasn't easy. I had to stop a couple of times, and start all over again, because I didn't like the result I was achieving. But I think I finally succeeded.
I feel like I didn't manage to capture in the pictures the magnificent presence of both of them. It is always more impressive when you share the room with real vegetation.

Floral. Arrangements made in October.

During the month of October I felt really inspired to make floral arrangements but I couldn't afford expensive material. I took the challenge to find vegetation spending no money. Since October is the most colorful month of the season it wasn't difficult to get interesting stuff. I went to harvest around my neighborhood, shears in hand, taking samples of the bushes and wild vegetation that grows in the surroundings. I did it with care, of course. Trying to cut off just the necessary amount.
I also had the luck of getting a big bouquet from my lovely neighbor who lives below my apartment. She is an actress, so I guess that she receives lots of bouquets when she is invited to events and parties. We found each other by coincidence in the staircase when she gave the flowers to me. She said she will leave for a trip so she wouldn't be able to enjoy the bouquet. I found myself with lots of material to work with.
We had two serious sessions of floral work. Both times my friend Fabia was with me and, during the first time, we also had the company of a friend from Halle called Ravn. He surprised me with his creation. It was the first time he ever did something like that and the result was stunning. It looked like an alien landscape. I loved it.
In the second session, it was Fabia who went to gather the forage. When she arrived home, she placed the branches in water so beautifully that I decided to show them too. The rest is made with floral foam. I hope you like them.

By Ravn

By Fabia
First session

Second session

By me
    First session   

  Second session

My 26th birthday

Today is my 26th birthday. This morning I got my first period since I have been pregnant. I have lived without it 26 months. It's a funny coincidence that I got my actual first period in the morning of my 15th birthday. Life is a curious thing, full of coincidences.

In this moment, inside my home, Fauna and Fabia are sleeping a nap, Manfred builds up a coil sitting at the dinning table while my sister Mónica reads a book lying over the sofa (her bed). This morning I woke up to a table covered with beautiful things to unpack and later we went to celebrate the breakfast. It has been a slow lazy day so far. It is rainy and windy outside. Just like I like it.
There is a magic smell floating in the air. It means nothing but it gives the taste of atmosphere. I am feeling really happy and grateful. I don't expect anything more. Because it is already perfect.

Manfred gave me this amazing jacket as my birthday present. It comes from Sasas Vintage, Mannheim.

Inspiration. Bring the Autumn in.

 The Autumn has started already and came with all its power. The other day I suddenly felt in the need to posses a little bit of it. I took my pruning shears and went on a walk around my neighborhood. As I live inside of a big city I was surprised of the variety of plants I could access in public spaces. I ended up being greedy. 
My initial plan was to create different individual arrangements. But that day I didn't have time anymore. So I simply put all the foliage in water to work on them on the next day. But in the morning I saw this abundance, this forest over the commode, and I liked it just like it was. 
It looked like a painting. A still life. But three-dimensional.

Atmosphere. La última reminiscencia de verano

 El cielo profundo. La arena y el viento. 
Cuerpos felices al sol.

Las paredes blancas, las sombras dramáticas, las flores exóticas. 
Recostados, con aroma de siesta y picaduras en la piel, observamos las hojas del platanero bailar. Inmersos en la ausencia del tiempo, dejamos el calor y la tarde pasar.
Nuestras mentes vagan lentas. Nuestras bocas no conversan. 

Esos recuerdos.
Estar desnudo frente al mar y de espaldas a la tierra.
Oír música lejana, fantasear vidas ajenas.
Improvisar. Sentir el verano. Dejarse llevar.

Experimentar la libre voluntad del cuerpo.

Fotografías de Rosa C.

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