Personal. Growing older toghether.

Last Saturday Manfred had birthday. He became 51 years old. A couple of days before Fauna became 10 months old. It is amazing how we have become a family. It feels like if it has always been that way. Time passed by but the joy of our life is permanent.

Manfred is for me, apart of the love of my life, a model to follow. He has lived his life fully and always open to change and transformation. That's why his soul remains young. Yet, he is responsable and reliable. His mind is the most interesting mind I have ever get to know. His interests are wide. His senses are cultivated. His emotions are healthy. 
What makes me admire him so much is the balance he has to be mature and to be funny. He can manage big projects, meetings, boring adults stuff... And at the same time be silly as a child (Fauna loves all the ridiculous things he does). I love his freedom, they way he enjoys all kind of things. From reading books about quantum physics to have wild sex in the middle of the nature. Every day I am amazed by his holistic personality, imposible to fix into boxes or cliches. 
I met him when I was nineteen years old. We had all kind of crazy adventures together. We had orgies, made great parties, traveled with our van, knew new people... And it all felt safe, because we did it with perspective and care for ourselves. We also have done intelectual work together: brainstorming, design, speeches, portfolios... Now we are parents, and this is the biggest adventure of all. We are settles for now and reflected as never before. We agree in all points of how a good childhood should to be. How a person becomes emotionally healthy and fulfilled in life.
Along his side I have become a strong woman. I have grown and matured but my essence remains intact. He helps me to be the best version of myself. I try to do the same for him.

To celebrate his birthday we just did what we like to do the most: to enjoy with the little luxuries of our lifestyle. We went on a walk to the street market in our neighborhood and we had dinner in our favorite "tapas" bar. Simple but perfect.

Manfred, my love. To meet you was the best thing that have ever happened to me. To have a child with you, the best decision. Thank you for your light.

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