Childhood. Fauna, your first trip to Madrid.

Dear Fauna, two weeks ago we flew to Madrid for the first time in your life. Madrid is the place where I was born and I grew up. It is the place where your grandmother and great-grandmothers live. You were then close to become 11 months old. I wanted to bring you there before you become 1 year old. 
We spent one week in the house of your grandmother Matilde. You connected very well. She gave you the breakfast almost every morning and you played a lot together. She also bathed you and gave you the dinner every night. One day she even made you sleep at night time. You liked her house a lot and the playground that is close by. One day we went to Toledo to visit your grandfather Tolo and he also made you sleep carrying you in your Mei Tai. This fact is important to remember since sleeping is the most difficult activity for you to do without me or your father. 
The first days were hard for you because I concentrated all the big meetings then. The day we arrived you met your great-grandmother Matilde who is 92 years old. She is mother of 11, grand mother of 35, and great-grandmother of 16. She is endlessly peaceful and always in a good mood. The second day we spend it in "El Guijo", where your grandmother lives, hanging around with some old friends of mine. The third day we went to your grandfather's and my lovely friend Maria came with us. The forth day was quite intense because we went to meet your great-grandmother Maribel and many other family members came too. It was too loud, too crowded... too much. But it was very special for Maribel because you are her first great-grand child. That day you received many presents as well and I got to see cousins I didn't see for very long time. 
After this stressful time I kept it quiet and relaxed for you. On Sunday we went to "La Pedriza", a natural park I have always loved very much. We were many people too, but nature keeps you in a good mood. We hanged around next to crystalline river and made picnic. You slept a very long nap there. It was a wonderful day with live music, courtesy of my friend Jaime which is a musician I like to sing and improvise with when ever we have a chance. 
On Monday it took place a reencounter with my friends Lorena, Sara and Paula. It was cool for you because we were in the playground and it was all about you. The last two days left we were just enjoying the house of grandma and the beautiful surroundings. Your uncle Fernando was with us.
Oh! I almost forgot to say that you learned at least three things that week. You started to stand up and now you do it constantly. You opened a closed every door you found on your way. Also, you swing a lot those days at the playground and you loved it! You even put your self into movement playing with the balance of your body. 

For me was a needed trip because I missed the place and my people very much. Everything went smoothly and perfectly. Me and my mother were in harmony, and this is exactly what I needed. I cooked for her and I felt very cozy in what was my home as a child. I didn't want to leave but I collected energy until the next visit. Hopefully we will be back this summer and you will learn to swim at the pool with your amazing grandmother and, at the ocean, with your brave grandfather.

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  1. Cómo molais... todos menos la señora mayor del sombrero jajaja


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