Atmosphere. Fairyland Bedroom

As a child I used to daydream a lot. Basically, that's all I did. One of my favourite imagination theme was my future house. I loved to picture how it would look like. How I will decorated it. It was fantasy and, of course, it allowed great ideas with no limitations. Now that I am a grown up I have learned something about decoration: It is a process that never ends. The house you live in is permanently transforming as you do. It evolves along with you and your circumstances. The furniture, the personal items, make your space comfortable because you give them life with time. The house has a character itself too that influences you and the way you use it. I am a person who truly inhabits the living space. I think I am very attached to my home and I grow roots very fast if I feel welcomed.  
Years ago, when Manfred moved into this apartment, it was right after a long relationship so he had the strong vision of a single lifestyle. The rooms where minimalist. They were practically empty of furniture. A huge sofa and the vintage hi-fi were the elements that dominated the living room. In the bedroom, just a mattress on the floor and a standing bathtub next to the window. Then we met and he opened widely the doors of his intimacy to me. I immediately adapted and felt like I was always here. Unavoidably I started to influence the atmosphere of the house and it became more crowded.
We actually moved out for two years while we lived in Halle. So when we came back we started more or less from zero, in decorative terms. And this time the apartment had to be adapted for three inhabitants! It is a two rooms house so Manfred and I made an agreement. The living room would remain as minimal as possible, keeping it with clean lines and male tones. In the bedroom I could do what I want, making it as ornamental as I desire. And that's how the bedroom became a fairyland.

I have always been obsessed with details. With hidden elements. Things you don't realize at the first view. Things you have to dig in. I try to create a bedroom to dream. A place which inspires you to fantasize. A room for Fauna to discover. Colorful, bright and flowery. It has two faces: the daily one and the nocturnal. The daylight atmosphere pretends to be a garden (due to the lack of balcony and backyard). The nocturnal feels like an underwater world. 
It is probable that I still will change details here and there (because I am observing all the time and finding new little things to put into "perfection") but I am satisfied with it. It truly invites you to enter and relax.


Beauty is in almost everything around us. This is a blog about beauty from my point of view.