My 26th birthday

Today is my 26th birthday. This morning I got my first period since I have been pregnant. I have lived without it 26 months. It's a funny coincidence that I got my actual first period in the morning of my 15th birthday. Life is a curious thing, full of coincidences.

In this moment, inside my home, Fauna and Fabia are sleeping a nap, Manfred builds up a coil sitting at the dinning table while my sister Mónica reads a book lying over the sofa (her bed). This morning I woke up to a table covered with beautiful things to unpack and later we went to celebrate the breakfast. It has been a slow lazy day so far. It is rainy and windy outside. Just like I like it.
There is a magic smell floating in the air. It means nothing but it gives the taste of atmosphere. I am feeling really happy and grateful. I don't expect anything more. Because it is already perfect.

Manfred gave me this amazing jacket as my birthday present. It comes from Sasas Vintage, Mannheim.


  1. Me encanta tu chaqueta "colonial" de Mannheim.

  2. Queda fenomenal con los pantalones, pero me encantaría también con una falda de tubo larga,... o corta,... o de vuelo.


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