About me

It is difficult for ourselves to know who we are... but despite that it's hard to find out, I analyze myself continuously. Sometimes it is constructive, sometimes not.
Here I try to to define myself:

My alter ego is a caterpillar -that is usually blowing dense spirals of white smoke. I feel identified with this animal, because I have this imagery of myself as a little being in a huge garden, spending the time hidden between plants and flowers. Hopefully, one day I will become a magnificent butterfly, or at least a robust moth.
I am a contemplative person. To observe reality can be an endless activity for me. It is actually my favourite occupation. I'm a professional hedonist too. I live my life through enjoyment and pleasure. I archive plenitude trying to have a balanced lifestyle, a good proportion of both healthy and unhealthy habits.

Eventually I realized I'm an aesthete. I think through my eyes. My perception of right and wrong is bound to my impression of beauty and ugliness -both are arguable concepts, of course. I am a person of strong opinions and almost always I have one. Perhaps the idea that defines me most is that I see reality as chaos, a wonderful ordered chaos where right and wrong are blurred concepts. I try to keep myself open to transformation, but I am somehow conservative too. In fact, I can give an image of contradiction, but I do like to be consequent. I try it all the time. And I like people who are consequent too. 

I am 24 years old and I come from Spain, but I inhabit in Germany. My current mission is to think less and do more: write, paint, design, read, blog and any creative activity that life can offer.
Since I gave birth to my daughter Fauna my REAL current mission is to raise her as a strong and empathic human being, helped by the wonderful man who is her father. I believe we will manage to create a home of intellectual richness and relaxed love. I trust in the power of the stability of our love and mutual admiration.

You are very welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy what you find here. Your visit is the motivation that I need to continue. If you want to tell me something, feel free to comment or to write me an email.

Kisses and hugs, brothers-friends!


Beauty is in almost everything around us. This is a blog about beauty from my point of view.